Q. Do you take reservations?

  A. We accept reservations for parties of 10 or more, otherwise seating is based on a first come, first served basis. We recommend making reservations at least 10 days ahead, but ultimately reservations will be taken based on availability. To make a reservation please contact the Minado location of interest directly by telephone only.          
  Q. Can your restaurants accommodate large groups?
Are private rooms available?
  A. Our ability to accommodate large groups and private parties vary greatly from location to location. For further details and assistance with all your party planning needs please contact the Minado location of interest directly by telephone.          
  Q. Can I bring my own alcohol?          
  A. Yes. You can bring your own alcohol (BYOB) in Minado in East norriton location.          
  Q. What is the difference between your lunch and dinner menus?          
  A. Our dinner menu includes more premium varieties of sushi such as unagi, hamachi, and mirugai and sashimi as well. We also offer during dinner only, many seafood favorites such as jumbo shrimp, cocktail shrimp, snow crab legs, and oysters. In addition, we offer a made to order Hibachi grill. However, the number of menu selections is similar during lunch and dinner.          
  Q. Is there a dining time limit?          
  A. While we generally do not limit dining time, during peak periods we do ask that our guests dine within 90 minutes unless prior arrangements for large parties have been made.          
  Q. I have food allergies. What should I eat at your buffets?          
  A. We understand how important it is to know what you are eating when dealing with a food allergy. Given our many made-from-scratch foods, various ingredient suppliers, regional recipes and special-promotion menus, the challenge of providing detailed information regarding allergies is extremely difficult. Our chefs are responsible for preparing a delicious array of food offerings. It is unfeasible to attempt to separate allergens from non-allergenic items. For example, our kitchen regularly utilizes ingredients that can contain some of the more common allergens such as peanuts, shellfish and gluten-containing items. Consequently, we regret that we are unable to provide specific allergen information.          
  Q. My diet/surgery allows me to eat only small portions. Can you offer a discount?          
  A. It is important to understand that our pricing is based on a reasonably sized "meal," not a specific "quantity of food" or an "unlimited" amount. Individual guests have widely differing perspectives on what they feel is an appropriate meal size. They also have unique menu expectations and health requirements. For simplicity sake, we have adopted a uniform pricing approach that offers both quality and value.          
  Q. Do you have a liquor license? Can I bring my own alcohol?          
  A. Only PA East norriton Minado location is BYOB.